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“How to Unlock the Hidden ‘Cash Cow’ in Your Business and
Increase YOUR Profits by £30,000+
Starting Just a Few Weeks from Now…”

Now you can add at least £30,000 to your bottom line AND free up valuable tech resources in your business.
A personal letter from Michael Shane
Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Dear fellow business owner,

I am writing to you through this webpage because you run an established, successful IT business and I have something that can make you a lot of money.

By this time next month you could easily have many of your customers eagerly buying a new service from you that involves ZERO work for you and revenue that keeps coming month, after month!

That’s because nearly every customer will need your solution.

It almost sounds too good to be true – but I promise you it isn’t…

This is one of those rare business opportunities that fits in
perfectly with what you already provide to your customers.

But, before I share with you what this is – let me start by telling you what it is not.

  • It is NOT a get-rich-quick programme that requires high levels of investment
  • It is NOT something where you have to do masses of set up work in the hope that you might get some interest
  • It is NOT an opportunity where you have to purchase loads of stock
  • It is NOT a franchise and it doesn’t require you to hire more employees

Better still, there’s no hard sell involved.

Now, with that out of the way, let me share a story with you…

I want to let you in on what this is and why I guarantee it’ll make you money that’ll go straight to your bottom line. In fact, it could well be the best decision you’ll make in 2019.

If you have a real desire to easily grow your profits, this might be the most eye-opening letter you will ever read. But more on that in a minute.

First, let me introduce myself.


My name is Michael Shane. You may have never heard of me and that’s OK. I don’t run some mega-business employing hundreds of people, in fact, quite the opposite.

I’m the founder of a business operating out of Harrogate in North Yorkshire which I run with my wife Linda. Our claim to fame is that we’re the originators of the ‘3-Minute video’ and we’re recognised globally as experts in all things Microsoft Office.

Over the years, we’ve built a library of over 2,000 short, super-engaging videos that teach people everything they need to know about HOW TO USE things like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.


Our videos are sold under renewable licences to many of the UK’s largest businesses and they’re used by literally hundreds of thousands of people world-wide each month.

You’ll know only too well that in the world of online courses for things like Microsoft Office, Office 365 etc. that there’s masses of content out there. YouTube will serve up individual videos on how to do this and that but there’s no consistency and most importantly it’s not your library or your value-added offering to your customer.

At the other end of the spectrum are the traditional long boring courses that assume you have no knowledge at all and endless time to spend in front of a computer.

The reality is that your customers and in particular their staff are NOT properly competent at everything they do, or need to do, even on a daily basis.

Think about all the simple things that they struggle with:

  • Downloading a file from the Cloud
  • Inserting column breaks
  • Printing their Excel spreadsheet
  • Login to Office 365?
  • Using IF functions or pivot tables
  • Getting circles to be circles
  • Using the Outlook Web App
  • Working with Teams
  • Removing duplicates from a spreadsheet

The list goes on.

And they want to know how to do it, right then and there. The resolution has to be immediate.

If they can’t work it out themselves, they either ignore it, speak to a colleague or call you and sap your resources.

We’ve been producing video content that addresses all these little issues since 2009 and we’ve continually studied and worked closely with our customers to learn what works and most importantly, what doesn’t.

And the result is an extensive library of bite sized, highly relevant, straight-to-the-point mini courses that show and teach people what they need to know, when they need to know it. Most of them are less than 3 minutes long.

For bite sized read ‘micro’.

And for micro read Mi Crow – our very latest brand launched in 2018 that has generated over 75,000 users in the last 6 months.

The reason is simple…

it’s the best ‘at your desk’, ‘available when you need it’,
content anywhere in the world for Microsoft Office 365

And here’s the good bit. Even though your customers’ staff are used to using Microsoft Office, as you know Office 365 requires a whole new set of skills and this is what happens…

when your clients upgrade to Office 365 they have 2 choices:

  • Let their staff get on with it because it’s a piece of cake, right?!
  • Teach them how to use it properly and benefit from it.

Sure, the software is pretty intuitive but letting them get on with it, as you know only too well, is fraught with problems not to mention tying you and your team up with calls asking for help.

On the other hand, teaching them how to use and benefit from it, either through your staff or with an external trainer, is great but, and it’s a HUGE BIG BUT, – it becomes a massive drain on your resources when the people you’ve trained forget what you’ve taught them and turn to you for help – as if you’ve got nothing else to do!

Mi Crow resolves all these issues because it has what I call the “Must Have Ingredients”

Business Ingredient 1 – UPDATED CONTENT

Microsoft seem to change Office 365 daily, but you don’t have to worry because we’ll keep it up to date and current.


The perfect tool to keep in touch with your customers as often as you want by giving them relevant, engaging and value add content to increase their skills and enrich their day.

Business Ingredient 3 – HUGE DEMAND

Everyone who uses Office 365 needs some sort of training – whether it’s in the new features or just to upskill their current knowledge. There’s a massive untapped opportunity for you that you’ve been unable to get at simply because of resource limitations and cost.

Business Ingredient 4 – LOW MAINTENANCE

There’s absolutely nothing that you have to do once your customers are set up on Mi Crow – no updates, no maintenance – that’s all dealt with by us. But they have world-class bite size content available to them 24/7.

Business Ingredient 5 – A NEW USP

The benefit to you is very happy customers, a real differentiator against your competition and a huge saving on your own resources, not to mention increased profits for doing very little at all.

Business Ingredient 6 – RESIDUAL INCOME

You do the work to make our content available to your customer and then you get paid over and over again, every single month. Our track record shows that customers stay for a long time because they’re always getting something new and the results they get from using Mi Crow means that, for the vast majority, once they start, they won’t want to stop.

Business ingredient 7 – LOW COST

Licensing Mi Crow’s world class content for your customers could be one of the most exciting investments you’ll ever make as just a couple of your customers using the Mi Crow portal means profit for you month after month after month.

Business ingredient 8 – WHITE LABELLED FOR YOU

The Mi Crow portal can be white labelled for you so your customers see your logo, your colours – in short, they see you.

So, what exactly is Mi Crow and how can it help you?

First up, here’s what you get:

  1. Your own branded website with your logo, your strapline and your colours.
  2. Your own admin area to add and manage customers and control what they see and get.
  3. Total flexibility in how you use and deploy your content.

Most importantly, you’ll be adding value to your customers and keeping them close to you

Your new white-labelled website of online videos includes:

  • How to use OFFICE 365
  • Outlook Web Apps
  • Calendar, Contacts and Tasks
  • Working in the Cloud
  • Forms, Quizzes and OneNote
  • Yammer, Delve and Planner
  • Microsoft Teams and
  • EXCEL 2019
  • 60 Seconds of Genius
  • Soft Skills (Our Mi Quick 1 minute videos for Leadership & Management, Customer Service, Selling Skills & How to be Successful)
  • And for those of your customers that prefer Gmail you’ll get videos covering everything that you can do in Gmail too

It’s easy to use on a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone.

Your customers can go back to it as many times as they like and because the videos are short, it’s easy for them to watch what they need, try it, apply it and they’re done.

It’s the most comprehensive library of Office 365, Excel and Gmail content around and it will be available for your customers at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they need it.

Your customised portal is complete with a library of over 350 bite-sized videos each less than 3 minutes long and each dealing with a specific topic in Office 365, Excel or Gmail.

In addition, if you’re one of our first 50 partners you’ll also get a further 200 videos for Office 2019 for Word, Outlook and PowerPoint as they are released over the next few months.

So now when you install or upgrade your customers to Office 365, you’ll be able to offer them training and support online and through your own customised portal available 24/7.

It’s a real win/win.

  • Your customers benefit from getting Office 365 to work for them and make their businesses and staff more efficient.
  • You benefit not only from a chargeable service but (and here’s the real benefit) without any strain on your resources whatsoever.

You choose how you want to use this content…

  • You may want to charge for it, as we do, on an annual subscription;
  • You may want to demonstrate the added facilities and benefits that you can offer against your competitors;
  • You may even decide to offer it for free to help win a ‘big ticket’ new customer;
  • You may want to use it as a way of sending daily or weekly ‘Hacks’ to your customers.

You keep 100% of the Sales Revenue

Yes, that’s right - 100% - all of it!

This is how it works…

You can offer the full Mi Crow suite of training to any/all of your customers.

You pay us a fixed sum of just £250 + VAT per month *

You bill your customers whatever price you choose – and YOU keep all the money

It’s super-simple. Very straightforward. And it means you are fully in control with your customers

* there’s a one off set up fee of £500 to set you up and white label your portal.

How you present and charge for your new SaaS solution is up to you but the good news is that whatever you do, you keep it all!

To be clear, all 100% of the revenue you earn is yours to keep.

As these revenues renew year on year it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

So, let’s try and put this into context for you – hard figures if you like.

We would normally charge at least £2,395 per year for access to our IT content alone and more if they included our Soft Skills library. With the number of customers you currently have we’d estimate that by signing up just 5 of your customers you’ll more than cover your £250 per month subscription.

You’ll soon be making mega profits!

And it gets better because most, if not all, of the first years’ subscriptions will renew increasing your profits year on year. It’ll become so clear to you that at any level and in any way you wish to offer this solution, you can only win.

I recognise that this approach turns the traditional Supplier/Reseller Partnership Model on its head.

But instead of you having to sell at RRP or simply receive a commission we’ve put you in total control of your own profit. So you can ‘lock-in’ the competitive advantages that having the Mi Crow library brings.

Here’s what happened to one of our first partners…

When we first presented this opportunity, he could see the financial benefit of what was on offer and the quality of the content. The real issue though, or should I say challenge, was whether his customers would want it.

Nevertheless, they were nervous. You know how it is… “If it looks too good to be true it probably is!”

But then on the other hand they had a successful business with a good customer base. They asked, “So Michael, and please be realistic, just how much do you really think we’ll make in a year?” My response was “That’s the killer question because it’s all a question of how you use it?” I went on to say…

“If you sell to 5 customers you’ll easily cover your monthly subscription, from there on in it’s up to you how you use it and how much profit you want to realise. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to add £30,000 to your bottom line”.

To be honest I don’t think they were totally convinced at that stage but, as they told me, it won’t take much to cover our £250 per month and with that they went ahead.

They signed up as a partner and received their branded portal within days. They sent an initial “are you interested” email to their client base and received a number of really positive responses.

Then, what was interesting is that they used the content to email their customers’ staff with weekly ‘Hacks’.

This gave them the opportunity to stay in touch with literally everyone and to leverage sales across all their products.

So long story short, they’re ‘very happy bunnies’. Financially they ‘broke even’ in just a couple of weeks, and they’re on track and confident that they’ll significantly add to their bottom line.

Great news!

To make it easier for you to come on board as a Mi Crow partner in your area, there are some great bonuses waiting for you!

Bonus Options

You can choose between:

  • Microsoft Office 2019 for Word, PowerPoint & Outlook to add to Excel. These 200+ videos cover pretty much everything that a normal user would ever need to know. (releasing Q1 2020)
  • Soft Skills including Mental Health in the Workplace and full versions of Leadership & Management, Customers Service, Selling Skills and How to be Successful.

Normally charged at £250 per month, that’s a TOTAL SAVING of £3000!

A Quick Review

Let’s go over it all quickly!

As a Mi Crow Partner you’ll get:

  • More revenue from your existing customers - £30,000+ more revenue
  • Significantly strengthened relationships with those customers
  • A unique competitive advantage

PLUS incredible bonus options worth £3,000 if you’re one of the first 50 Partners to sign up.

This is a unique opportunity to offer world class online training to the products and services that you are providing and supporting anyway.

It will raise your game, it will raise your revenue, it will strengthen your relationship with your customers and most importantly, there is absolutely no additional work for you!

Courses & Demonstration Videos

Click on any course below to view content and a video demo

Your Questions Answered

Questions We've Been Asked...

Q. What am I committing to?

A. 12 months. After that it’s monthly.


Q. Will the content be updated?

A. Yes. We provide all this content to big blue chip companies around the world, so you can be sure Office 365 will be updated regularly. Our other content will too, depending on what’s needed.


Q. Where can I see what’s on offer?

A. Give us a call on 03333 449918 and we’ll be happy to arrange an online demo.


Q. My customers would want Excel will this be available?

A. Yes, Excel 2019 is included.


Q. What about other Microsoft Office 2019 products.

A.  We’re working hard developing Word, PowerPoint and Outlook 2019 to be released shortly. If you’re one of our first 50 partners you’ll get these included for FREE otherwise it’ll be another £250 a month.


Q. Do we have to come back to you every time we have another customer who wants it?

A. Hell No! It’s easy peasy for you to set your customers up; you’ll be in full control.


Q. Can we choose which content to give to different customers and users?

A. Yes, each product is on a separate ‘slider’ and you simply just add the sliders you want them to have.


Q. Can we search for a particular video?

A. Not at the moment, we’re planning on adding that shortly. But you should know that it takes longer to think of the search term and then to choose from the results than it does to just swipe through the content.


Q. What Management Reporting is available?

A. You’ll get the Mi Crow Analysis Tool as standard so you can report to your customers as much as you want. Our experience with working with thousands of businesses, the reality is that any reporting never gets looked at.


Q. Will it automatically recognise what someone has watched and recommend other content?

A. No. Maybe later, we’ll see – but don’t hold your breath!


Q. Can the actual videos be re-branded?

A. No. They’re all Mi Crow’d


Q. Can 60 Seconds of Genius be re-branded?

A. What’s wrong with twirly lightbulb man? Our customers love it, yours will too. So that’s a ‘no’.


Q. My customers don’t use the functionality of Office 365 even though it’s installed?

A. That’s exactly why they need this.


Q. What’s the road map for future development of the portal?

A. It will evolve and we’ll keep it up to date.

So what's next?

Talk to us about becoming a Mi Crow Partner & you'll soon be on the road to adding £30,000 to your bottom line!

We need to have a chat

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got all your questions answered and we’ll need to make sure you’re the right fit for us.

The best way to do that is to jump on the phone together and we can also arrange an online demo and show you everything.

Call us now on 03333 449918

or if you prefer, simply fill in the form to let us know and we’ll get back to you really quickly.